Things To Consider Before Hiring A Plumber

There are a number of things to consider when you find that you suddenly need the services of a plumber. Back in the olden days, you called the guy your parents called, and he came, and it was all good.

Today we live in bigger cities, move more often and plumbing companies come and go on a regular basis making it hard to know who to call when you have your first plumbing issue.

Plumbing rules and regulations change along with the technology to keep your water flowing and so plumbers have to keep up to date and stay knowledgeable in all things new in the plumbing world and still know how older houses were built and the parts and systems they have installed.

Plumber Repairing Sink Pipe Leakage Essendon

This makes it even harder for you to know what any plumber needs to know to fix your personal issue, so we’ve compiled a few things for you to consider as you check the internet for a plumber.

Have a quick look at our list of things to keep at the back of your mind as you consider what each plumber has to offer.

Licence & qualifications

One of the first things to consider before signing on the dotted line is that the plumber you are thinking of hiring is licensed. Here in Australia, Plumbers are registered with the relevant bodies and most of them will display their licence number on their website or advertising.

It’s simple enough to go to the government websites and do a check to make sure that the licence number matches the company or person you are considering hiring.

Of course licensing doesn’t mean they are good, just that they are registered and have obtained the standards required.

Plumbers also need to be qualified! You don’t want someone who thinks they know what they are doing, you need someone who knows what they are looking at, the most efficient way to fix it and the knowledge and experience that their years of apprenticeship and many more years in the trade will give them.

Here at TMP plumbing, all of our plumbers are licensed, qualified AND experienced. They know their taps from their faucets, and they most certainly know how to get them both fixed and working again!


Amongst the many good reasons for hiring a professional plumber is that they carry insurance. No one wants to be in the position of having to make a claim (because if you have to, life has definitely gone very pear shaped) but by hiring a professional plumber, you’ll be hiring someone who cares about what they do and what happens if things don’t go well.

If they have insurance, if things go badly, they have the means for things to be made right again.

Of course, we have insurance here at TMP Plumbing – It’s a business expense that we happily pay and hope we never have to invoke!


Back in the “Olden days” you checked with your friends and family and hired the bloke they recommended. Today our family and friends don’t always live close by but via the power of the internet we still keep in touch with our nearest and dearest.

The internet is also a handy place to get other people’s opinions on the business that you are looking at hiring to help you. When people have complex problems solved easily, professionally and at a reasonable cost, you’ll find them eager to share their experience with others.

We are proud of our reputation here at TMP Plumbing and invite you to check out our reviews on Google, Yelp and our website. Not all our clients are internet review savvy or inclined so we have put up some of the lovely emails and letters we have received here too!

Technician checking water system nodes


Now here’s a biggie for most people with a plumbing problem. Do you hire the cheaper guy because he markets well and makes promises that you want to hear? You gotta wonder why he is so cheap though, don’t you?

Or do you hire the more expensive guy because he has a truck full of parts, thousands of hours of experience and has probably fixed your exact problem a hundred times before?

It’s always a risk but your bets are far better hedged when you go with the guy who knows what his skill is worth. It seems silly to spend a bit more money (especially when he makes it look so easy) but what you are paying for is the skill and experience to fix the problem properly rather than the hours they spend on site.

We are certainly not the cheapest plumber that you will find on the internet but we are the ones who have the right tools for the right job and the experience to know what to use where, when and why. We also know what’s legal and what’s going to cause you grief in the future if it’s not done right.

We believe in the old adage – you get what you pay for, and we hope that once your plumbing is working flawlessly and things just work when you need them to, you will consider your bill from us to be money well spent!


Not high on the list of most people, but having a plumber that you can talk to easily and that can explain things in easy to understand terms is something well worth considering as an asset.

All our plumbers are indeed helpful, friendly and happy to explain what they are doing and why. If you aren’t sure about something, just ask and we will tell you what we are doing and why.  

The peace of mind that comes with understanding what’s happening and why things need to be done is priceless and completely free with every visit from us!

Call us today for all of your plumbing needs across Melbourne’s North & West!