What Is A Gas Fitter, Why Do You Need One?

Gas is a great product for heating your home, creating hot water and cooking your dinner with but its extreme flammability means that the pipes that bring gas into our homes need to be pretty foolproof, so we don’t blow up our houses!

With this in mind, you should always get a qualified and experienced gas fitter to work on your gas pipes. Gas pipes are far more dangerous than the pipes that bring water into your home. Blowing up the house is pretty uncool and will probably upset the neighbours into the bargain, so if you need work done on your gas pipes, get in a gas fitter!

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What is a Gas Fitter exactly?

Natural gas whether bottled or coming in through mains pipes is a bit of a “health hazard” so it needs to be handled in such a way that all the gas is contained so we don’t breath it in or blow things up.

In Victoria, (and the rest of Australia) all gas related plumbing must be done by a licensed gas fitter. It is illegal to do any gas related work unless you are licensed and qualified due to the destruction (and death) that can occur if pipes are incorrectly installed.

You must also get in professionals for any repairs and maintenance to gas lines – not just installations.

So what exactly do Gas Fitter’s do?

Gas fitters are the people who work on installing, repairing, testing or maintaining pipes, lines, tanks, equipment and any infrastructure that carries natural gas in domestic, commercial or government buildings.

If it has gas connected to it – you need a professional, qualified gas fitter to work on it. That’s the bottom line.

Gas fitters can:

  • Install gas hot water, cooking appliances, etc. in the home.
  • Install gas cookers etc. into caravans, boats and motor homes.
  • Install, repair, maintain and disconnect gas pipes.
  • Conduct maintenance and repairs on any gas related equipment
  • Test, detect leaks and conduct repairs on pipes and lines in the domestic, industrial or commercial setting.
  • Install pressure regulation systems.
  • Read and interpret building plans that include gas equipment and appliances.
  • Advise customers on the legal aspects of gas installations.

Gas fitters are also the people to call for the removal of gas appliances, pipes or connections if you decide that you don’t require them anymore.

What can Gas Fitters work on?

Gas fitters can work on natural gas that is piped into the house via the mains system or on properties that are supplied individually by bottled gas as well as caravans, boats, ships, planes and trains!

If you want to heat your home or business, heat water quickly and effectively or just cook with gas in your home or restaurant, you will need the services of a qualified gas fitter for the safe installation of all these systems.

If you are building and you want to utilise gas in your new home or business, get a gas fitter to look at the plans and advise or interpret them for you. Most are happy to let you know their thoughts and answer any questions that you may have, especially if you are new to the gas world!

Technician checking water system nodes

You’ll need a gas fitter if you have any gas anywhere on your property that develops a problem. Gas Pizza ovens are becoming popular along with outdoor gas heaters. If you have these items already, check them for a compliance plate to see if they need a licensed gas fitter to do any work on them. If you aren’t sure? Call us anyway. We are happy to talk to you and put your mind at ease!

What else can Gas Fitters do?

If you can smell gas (that rotten egg smell) then shut everything off and give us a call – immediately!!

We can come out and test your system, detect any leaks and solve your issue ASAP. We don’t muck around when it comes to gas problems. They can become disastrous very fast…

In Australia, all gas fitters must be qualified and provide your gas pipes, connected appliances and anything else he works on with a Gas compliance certificate or an Appliance plate. That’s your proof that it has been done legally and professionally to our industry standard. Or the “Peace of Mind” plate as we call it!

Who can be a Gas Fitter?

Some Gas fitters have other trades under their belt like mechanical, electrical or plumbing qualifications. They then do a Cert III in gas fitting and can work on all installation and repairs of reticulated gas and all Class A products.

Gas fitters aren’t always plumbers and plumbers aren’t always gas fitters although a lot of them do both – and a lot of their work looks very similar. You can be one or the other AND you can be both. BUT they are separate qualifications.

They have different qualification requirements, training, and licensing requirements. If you have a job that involves both plumbing and gas, like a hot water system, make sure your “plumber” is qualified in both water and gas fitting, professionally and legally.

It is very common for plumbers to get their gas certificate for installing gas hot water systems in homes and mechanics to get one if they work on boats and motorhomes for example.

Can I do my own Gas Fitting?

Gas is certainly not a DIY job so always check that the company you hire is sending someone qualified and licensed to do the job. 

Unlicensed gas work is illegal here in Australia. If you are not qualified and licensed you shouldn’t be touching any project that is gas related!

Here at TMP plumbing, we only hire experienced, qualified and licensed plumbers and gas fitters. Our guys know what they are doing and do it well. We take pride in our work and like to do every job right the first time!

Call in a professional gas fitter before you have to call a professional gas fitter!

Call us today for all of your gas fitting needs in Melbourne’s North & West!