Why Plumbing Maintenance Is So Important

With pipes and all sorts of things hidden behind walls, it’s very easy to overlook plumbing maintenance because so much of it is invisible!

Typically, home owners don’t think about their plumbing – until something goes wrong…

Often a plumbing maintenance inspection conducted by an experienced professional plumber will pick up small problems so that they don’t become major issues for you, saving you a lot of grief, angst and money!

An inspection includes looking, testing, cleaning and repairs if required. Worn out fixtures, like taps and washers can be replaced before they cause leaks if they are found soon enough. Drains that are cleaned at inspection time won’t block up and flood the kitchen laundry or bathroom anytime soon.

A stitch in time…

A plumbing maintenance inspection is a “stitch in time saves nine” preventative action that you can take to keep all your plumbing running smoothly in the walls and under the ground at your property.

If you schedule regular plumbing inspections, you will catch small problems before they become big ones and identify where problems are likely to occur in the future. In old houses, this is especially valuable but even in a newly built home, getting an inspection before your warranty runs out could be both eye opening and wallet saving!

By unclogging your drains regularly (especially if you have children in your home) can prevent build up that might cause flooding at the most inconvenient time. Sometimes the slow draining isn’t clogged drains but tree roots that have got inside the pipes in your yard. Finding this out sooner rather than later will save you a motza down the track. You’ll have time to save and prepare if the pipes need replacing if you know in advance.

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Plumbing inspections can solve mould problems

If you have mould that just keeps coming back no matter what you do, a plumbing maintenance inspection may just be able to solve that problem for you! An experienced plumber knows where the pipes are, what pressure they are under and will know if they are leaking. A quick repair may be the solution to the horrible task of cleaning mould out of your cupboards, off your walls or floors every week!

Leaks can cause your rates bill to skyrocket. It’s far better to get that dealt with ASAP than continue to pay the council for water that you aren’t even using. Leaks can cause damage behind walls that will be inconvenient to repair not to mention the cost. Leaks may also upset your downhill neighbours and by not fixing the leak you may also become responsible for their damages – If you suspect a leak – call us and let’s get it dealt with!

How is your water pressure?

If your shower has no pressure and your sink takes forever to fill, these are issues that indicate deeper problems. If these are things you are noticing in your water system, give us a call and let us do an inspection and see if we can pinpoint the problem and speed up your shower and cooking times a bit more!

Want to save money in the long run?

Plumbing maintenance is important because it prevents costly repairs. Yes, an inspection costs but the combined cost of the inspection and a quick repair far outweighs the cost of cleaning up a flood in the upstairs bathroom, the repairs to the wall and floor as well as dealing with the original leak. And as an added bonus, you don’t have to deal with the insurance company and a builder. You will deal with one of our friendly plumbers in a relaxed environment instead of an stressful, expensive emergency one with a dozen tradies and the insurance company involved!!

There is an added bonus to regular plumbing inspections. They increase the lifespan of your home or business’s water systems. Replacing stopcocks, washers and unclogging drains will prevent small potential problems from developing into major expenses at the most inconvenient times!

Got water quality problems?

If water quality is important to you, then regular inspections will help eliminate build up in your pipes and drains. We can also look at your hot water system, taps and shower heads and make sure no debris or build up is affecting the purity of the water flowing out of them.

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How often do I need a plumbing maintenance inspection done?

A good rule of thumb is the older your home, the sooner you should get an inspection done. As mentioned previously, if you have built a home, getting an inspection done by a different plumber before the warranty runs out is an excellent idea!

A yearly or bi-yearly inspection will pick up leaks, water quality, failing fixtures and mould issues before it all becomes a very expensive repair.

If you suspect that there is a problem, call and get us in to have a look and advise you before things go pear shaped!

Regular maintenance on your plumbing system will keep things trouble free and cheaper in the long run. You’ll catch all the small things before they develop into major issues with huge bills attached the day you are leaving for your overseas holiday – Murphy’s Law and plumbing really do go together!

Got a suspension about your plumbing system? Give us a call and let’s schedule a plumbing maintenance inspection today!

Call TMP Plumbing today if your plumbing could use some quality maintenance.