Why You Should Hire A Fully Qualified Plumber For All Plumbing Works

Hiring a plumber is usually a stressful situation. It’s bad enough that you have water leaking and things getting ruined but knowing who to call is just as stressful.

When one of your most expensive assets needs fixing, you don’t want to muck around with some guy who does a cheap job that you found on the internet. A friend of a mate might not be qualified to do what needs to be done either.

Hiring a professional qualified plumber with loads of experience may not be as cheap on the first visit but will be well worth it in the long run.

When all is said and done, we recommend that you get a professional plumber in, before you wish you had!

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Peace of Mind. Really, it’s worth it.

Peace of Mind is the biggest advantage of hiring a professional for all of your plumbing work when things aren’t going well.

Licensing, insurance, experience and cost are other advantages but knowing that the plumber you are hiring is a professional means that all of these aspects should be automatically covered when you engage them.

Hiring a mate or a friend or someone off an online platform that isn’t obliged to produce proof of all these things means there is a high chance of it all ending badly, or expensively – or even at all.

Your family's health is important

Plumbing works, no matter how simple or complicated they are, can put you and your family at risk if they are not fixed properly and professionally. Mould, sewerage and black water all have to be dealt with in a timely and professional manner so they don’t become health hazards to you and your family.

Professionalism comes with competence & experience

Professional plumbers have to do apprenticeships, pass certain tests and complete mandatory hours before they get their Trade Certificate. A mate of a friend may just be good with his hands and capable – but is he aware of the legalities of how he fixes your waste water treatment system?

Is the guy advertising on that classified ad platform insured? If things go wrong, will he have the means to fix it and the backing of an insurance company to pay for major works? If not, you could be left with a staggering bill when he disappears into the night!

By the time an apprentice completes his three-year term, he’s seen a lot of things go right, go wrong and has a few ideas on how it can all be fixed properly. He’s also been drilled on legalities, bylaws and regulations and knows when and how to find out more.

Experience is well worth paying for

Professionals have well rounded backgrounds and have often worked on both commercial and domestic plumbing which gives them quite an overview of what’s out there and what can go wrong.

Professionals sometimes cost more, but when you consider that they have spent a lot of time, money and effort becoming a qualified, licensed and insured plumber, you can get a sense of the value for money you will get.

Professionals in any trade make it look easy and that’s because they are confident in the years of experience they have behind them and instantly know what tool, pipe or fitting needs to be used every time. They won’t waste your hard-earned cash going to Bunnings for (hopefully) the right tools or parts twenty times. Professionals probably have the part on board and certainly have the correct tool in the right size for the job, every time!

Knowing what they are looking at comes from many years of experience, and that should be one of the main reasons you use a professional – for all that hard won knowledge. If they are making it look easy, remember, it should be in most cases. It really is the sign of someone who knows what they are doing.

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Professional plumbers, like us, also understand the whole of the system that they are dealing with. We understand the effect that new parts will have on the old system and can recommend upgrades that will keep everything running smoothly. Professionals know that upgrading an old system rather than replacing the one art that is faulty will result in long term happiness.

You can pay now or you can pay later…

With a professional plumber on the job, you shouldn’t be chasing plumbing issues month after month as part after part gets replaced by someone who can’t see the bigger picture (and incidentally can cost you more in the long run!)

A professional plumber understands that fixing the obvious problem might only be a short term fix and can advise you on how to solve your home’s plumbing issues as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.

With a professional plumber on the job, you will avoid exacerbating any further water damage to your property AND to your neighbours. If you live in an apartment block or very close to your neighbours, what looks like a simple job could have your forking over thousands in damages to restore your neighbour’s property back to its usual standard.

We are insured – Just in case

Remember, professional plumbers are insured so on the off chance something goes wrong, they have the financial backing to pay for damage to both your property and the neighbours

Getting in a professional plumber means that you are likely to avoid future issues as well as getting the original issue fixed. They can advise what parts of your system are under pressure, are old, or noncompliant. They can let you know what you need to do and probably fix it on the spot for you too!

Do it once, do it right

Naturally, professional Plumbers use quality products to conduct repairs on your property. Many parts and equipment are only sold from professionals from trade warehouses that aren’t open to the public. These are professional grade products, and you won’t find them at your local hardware shop.

The guy advertising on a free online classified platform, the mate of a friend or the “general” handyman doesn’t have the advantages that professionals have.

Many of them don’t have the broad experience in plumbing, the right tools and access to quality parts. Often, they don’t have insurance and aren’t qualified or registered with the State Building Authority. This could spell trouble for you if they don’t get it completely right.

Get in a real plumber who has the experience, credentials, access to the quality parts and who stands behind their work with both qualifications and insurance.

Get a professional plumber in before you wish you had!

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